That’s Quite Some Art!
May 2013 05

On the London Street Art Tours we quite often see some amazing works of art but we have never seen anything quite like this record breaker completed in Canada in February last year.


What A Lot Of Artists!
May 2013 10

On a Street Art London Tour you can see street art from over sixty street artists, all their work is unique and personal and sometimes the street artists work together to design new and exciting creations between them.


How Quick Are Street Artists?
May 2013 15

We are often amazed at how quickly new street art appears on our London Street Art London Walking Tours and this got us wondering, how quickly can art work be created?

It was at this point that we found a world record for the fastest time to create 51 paintings using only the artist’s hands!

What Do London Street Artists Use To Create Their Street Art?
May 2013 20

During our Street Art London Tours we see some truly excellent street art, some is of every day like and some is so far out of the box, it’s quite unbelievable, but we have never seen art on our Street Art London Walking Tours like the art created by Scott McDonald.


Well – What Would You Draw?
May 2013 30

Here at Street Art London Tours we see so much amazing street art we are always amazed at the new creations, where the inspiration and ideas for the street art come from and why the artist chose to create that piece of art.