Famous Street Artist Roa Is In London!
Jun 2013 20

At Street Art London Tours we ensure that we take our tour attendees to see the work of the very best Street Artists in London.

In fact, we visit the best work form over 40 different street artists including Banksy, Invader and C215 but the favourite street artist in London often tends to be Roa. We feel this may be because of the detail this artist puts into the art work, but whatever the reason, people that come on a Street Art London Tour love the street art of Roa.

So, when we heard Roa was in town for one whole month we sent out the search parties regularly to check for his latest work, where he was creating it and what it was.

It didn’t take us long to find this street art in Bethnal Green of two furry animals fighting and we know he has been creating loads more work in preparation for the ‘Baroque The Streets Festival’ this month. He has done some excellent murals on the side of the Victoria Pub and also in the Art House Space. If you would like to see these murals as well as loads of other excellent street art then book yourself onto one of our excellent Street Art London Tours.

Roa is a street artist who originates from Belgium, his work often features animals and his signature is in black and white on the painting.

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