How Quick Are Street Artists?
May 2013 15

We are often amazed at how quickly new street art appears on our London Street Art London Walking Tours and this got us wondering, how quickly can art work be created?

It was at this point that we found a world record for the fastest time to create 51 paintings using only the artist’s hands!

It seems that Parijoy Saha of West Benghal managed to complete a total of fifty-one paintings using only his bare hands in just 35 minutes; it is currently Parijoy Saha that holds the world record for this amazing feat.

If you would like to have a go at this world record then there are some rules you have to abide by; the canvas size for each painting must be at least 37cm x 28cm in size and the artists must use their hands only, not a paintbrush or any other tools. Water paints are to be used to create the art work and there must be paint in all areas of the canvas.

If you would like some inspiration as to what to art work to create then why not book yourself onto a Street Art London Walking Tour and see what the experts are up to.

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