Where Is The Best Street Art In The World?
Jun 2013 30

What do you think of this house? Do you think you would like to live in a house like this… it would certainly be easy to describe to direct visitors to your house!

It turns out the street art on this house was created for the Avant – Garde Urbano Festival, this is a festival held every year in Tudela de Navarra, Spain. Visitors to this town thought this art work was so great that the town was later voted as the ‘Best Street Art City in The World’ in 2012.


Here at Street Art London Tours we are not sure we agree, we have some amazing works of art from Roa, Invader, Banksy, Don Smith and C215 to name a few. People book onto a Street Art London Tour just to see the amazing Street Art of London and they are not let down.


The tour guides here at Street Art London Tours work hard to ensure they show our attendees the best street art in London. They have an ear to the ground listening out for rumours of more street art being created on the walls of London and they usually know if the council are looking at removing street art so they will make sure you get to see it before it is removed.


Here in London we may not have the best street art in the world (according to people in Spain) but we think we certainly come close for that award, book on a Street Art London Tour to see what London has to offer.

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